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X2nSat, a provider of satellite communication solutions, faced a significant challenge when it came to their website. The site was outdated and difficult to navigate, and the technical language and categorization did not address their customers’ pain points. As a result, I was hired to help improve the site’s functionality.


To better understand the many services provided by X2nSat, I facilitated a workshop to gain insights into the various industries they served and differentiate their solutions, services, and products. My primary goal was to identify their customers’ pain points and group the 18 technical services into six solutions that could effectively address their needs.


To achieve this, we used language that offered solutions to problems, such as “Disaster Recovery Communications” and “Network Backup for Business Continuity,” instead of presenting low-traffic technical services like “PBX/Voice Backup” and “Cellular Blackhaul.”


Creating an efficient information architecture was crucial, so I developed a spreadsheet listing all services and their respective categories. This streamlined taxonomy made it easier to group and categorize services, ensuring a smooth and organized user experience.


Once the taxonomies were established, I designed wireframes for each page of the website. The resulting site offered a vastly improved user experience, with clear solutions that addressed customers’ needs. The streamlined taxonomy made it easier for users to find the services they needed, resulting in increased traffic and engagement on the site. Overall, the X2nSat project was a success, and the updated website helped the company better serve their customers.


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