SSAT registration portal

Users have the option to search and apply filters to identify suitable locations and dates for the specific test format they are interested in.

List and map views of test centers and possible test dates.

E-commerce portal lets parents purchase test practice materials for their kids.

Users can donate fee waivers for families in need.

Streamlined check-out process lets parents view and make changes to their orders before proceeding to payment.

Background and Problem

I collaborated with Cloud for Good, a Salesforce implementation partner, to develop a test registration portal for the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT), which serves as the standard test for private school admission.


The primary focus of this portal was to facilitate parents in registering their children for the test, as well as providing an option to purchase test practice materials. The project presented various challenges due to the diverse test-taking options available, including paper-based tests, online tests, and proctored computer-based testing.


We collaborated with EMA stakeholders to understand the project’s scope, considering users, test formats, registration process, and additional features.


Notable UX improvements include:


Streamlined Registration Process: One of the notable UX improvements was the implementation of a streamlined registration process, customized for different test formats. By accommodating various test formats, we provided users with a more personalized experience, allowing them to select the most suitable option easily. This resulted in improved user engagement and a more efficient registration flow, minimizing confusion and frustration.


Enhanced E-Commerce Platform: To further enhance the user experience, we integrated an e-commerce platform within the registration portal. This new feature empowered parents by enabling them to register and make payments for multiple children in a single transaction. Additionally, parents could conveniently purchase test practice materials through the portal, saving them time and effort. We also enabled users to donate fee waivers for financially disadvantaged students, thereby promoting inclusivity and equal opportunities.


Guidance Information and Tooltips: To assist parents in making informed decisions during the registration process, we introduced guidance information and tooltips throughout the portal. These contextual elements provided helpful explanations and answers to commonly asked questions. By addressing potential concerns and clarifying doubts, we aimed to improve user confidence and satisfaction.


The revamped portal now offers a seamless and efficient experience, benefiting parents, students, and the educational community.

Carolina does an exceptional job working with clients to understand their needs and pain points with their current systems. Her designs reflect the industry's best practices for UI & UX while also solving for the clients' needs. Her work for MIT and UAB has helped to transform each organization's sites and improve the overall user experience.

Kat Luker, Director of Developers – Cloud for Good


As the only UX and UI designer, I was responsible for designing the entire user experience and user interface for this project.


Educational Measurement & Assessment (EMA)


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