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Background and Discovery

The Oldham Lab at the University of California San Francisco approached me with a challenge to improve their data management practices. To gain a deeper understanding of their current data management practices, I conducted a two-day discovery workshop. During this workshop, I explored the lab’s raw and processed data organization, storage, and accessibility. Through my findings, I discovered that the scientists had difficulties in locating and accessing the data they needed, which hindered their research efforts.


To address these challenges, I designed Omicon, a user-friendly and efficient data management platform. Omicon allows lab researchers to easily store, search, view, process, and reuse their data across various projects and collections. The platform enables researchers to upload dataset zip files and add attributes such as title, description, analyst name, and source information. Omicon automatically generates a unique dataset ID and date created to create a dataset record.


The platform’s search bar and filtering system makes it easy for users to find specific datasets based on various attributes such as analyst name, dates, source, sample attributes, pipeline step, and more. Additionally, Omicon enables users to view and download files, collaborate with other researchers through commenting and tagging, and visualize data networks.


Omicon’s data network visualization feature offers researchers an opportunity to understand how raw data is processed into various data collections. This feature enables users to view attributes and files for each dataset and collection and gain insights into the relationships between different datasets.


Overall, Omicon has provided the Oldham Lab with an efficient data management solution that allows their researchers to easily locate, access, and analyze data, which has significantly improved their research efforts.


As the only UX and UI designer, I was responsible for designing the entire user experience and user interface for this project.


Oldham Lab at University of California San Francisco