Student internship app


After successfully designing an internship portal for students and educators, ImBlaze engaged me again to design a mobile app for their students.


Since I had previously conducted extensive discovery workshops for the portal, which included creating personas, user journeys, conducting interviews, and user testing, I was able to quickly move into the wireframe design phase.


My primary objective was to make it easy for students to access the tasks they needed to complete using the app. To achieve this, I implemented a tab bar navigation system that allowed them to easily view and switch between tasks.


I explored several information architecture options and ultimately identified five main tasks:


    1. searching for opportunities
    2. viewing their current and past internships
    3. logging their attendance
    4. viewing their notifications and social feed
    5. viewing and editing their profile

As the only UX and UI designer, I was responsible for designing the entire user experience and user interface for this project.


ImBlaze / Big Picture Learning


ECHO Technology Solutions

01. Search

Opportunity Search
Opportunity Results
Opportunity Details
Opportunity Organization

02. Opportunities

Current Internships
Requests to Pursue
Request Details
Wish List

03. Attendance

Check In/Out
Check In Questions
Student's Internship Schedule
Student's Attendance

04. Notifications

Social Feed
Opportunity Share - Step 1
Opportunity Share - Step 2

05. Profile

Student Profile
Student Profile Edit