Facility infrastructure management portal

Advanced search and filter function to view the site’s infrastructure assets on a map or aerial

Multiple base maps selection

Searchable and sortable digital plan room


I partnered with Camp Creative—a marketing and branding design agency, to improve BetterGIS’ facility infrastructure management portal, Uvara.


To begin the project, I conducted stakeholder and user interviews to comprehend the users’ objectives and challenges. Based on this information, I revamped a responsive web application that empowered users to:


  • Visualize their site’s infrastructure assets on a map or aerial view
  • Toggle the visibility of various asset layers
  • Choose from different base maps
  • Search for specific assets and filter search results
  • Access detailed information about each asset
  • Utilize a searchable and sortable digital plan room
Carolina’s ability to sort through huge volumes of unorganized and, often technical, material and make sense of it is impressive. She is adept at charting a path forward and communicating her recommendations to clients and getting their buy-in. Not only is Carolina experienced, but she is also a hard-working, considerate and collaborative team member.

Jacqueline Richmond, Project Manager – Camp Creative


As the only UX and UI designer, I was responsible for designing the entire user experience and user interface for this project.




Camp Creative

Selected mobile screens

Icon design