Coaches recruiting and support portal

Problem and Discovery

I worked in partnership with Echo Technology, a Salesforce implementation firm, to lead a two-day discovery workshop for our client Coaching Corp. The main objectives of the workshop were to gain insights into their user base, business model, and to ensure alignment among all stakeholders. In addition to conducting user interviews, I created user journeys to outline project objectives for coaches and partners, while also pinpointing potential pain points at distinct stages.


I designed a Salesforce portal for users to achieve their main goals:


Coaches: 1) search, filter and apply for teams to coach, 2) create a profile, 3) find coaching resources, 4) connect with fellow coaches.


Partners: 1) view coaches’ profiles, 2) track coaches’ progress, 3) manage teams and volunteer requirements.

I cannot fully express how wonderful it was to collaborate with Carolina. The entire Coaching Corps team found her work style to be deeply creative and innovative, yet efficient and engaging. Carolina challenged us to truly consider the user perspective and to make decisions that would enhance and clarify their journey. The outcome of the projects were two beautifully designed Salesforce Communities that the staff is beyond excited about. Even now that the projects are over, we still bring up the user experience in all areas of our work.

Gladys Garcia, Chief Program & Technology Officer – Coaching Corps


Coaching Corps


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