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Ashbury Images is a print shop that offers screen printing, digital printing, heat printing, embroidery and design services for a wide variety of apparel and promotional products. As a social enterprise of New Door Ventures, a nonprofit that aims to assist disconnected youth to prepare for work and life, Ashbury Images sought a website redesign to address several issues with their outdated website. These issues included poor responsiveness, difficulty in browsing, leading customers to supplier catalogs instead of offering the ability to purchase products and custom printing solutions on their site, and limited information about their services.


I was hired to revamp the company’s e-commerce experience with the goals of improving sales and streamlining the ordering process for customers. The newly designed website featured easy-to-use search and browsing functions, product categorization, online customization capabilities, and instant quote generation. All of these enhancements worked together to deliver a more user-friendly and efficient shopping experience for customers.


To accomplish this, I identified four key objectives for the website redesign:


  • Streamline the shopping experience to support store operations and increase sales
  • Improve readability, browsability, and searchability
  • Implement a clean, minimal, and intuitive design
  • Highlight the organization’s social mission
Carolina was extremely helpful in guiding me through my first website development process for the organization I worked for. She really took the time to understand our brand and our message and never failed to check in from start to finish, ensuring I was happy with the results!

Nancy Gallegos, Business Development Manager – New Door Ventures


As the only UX and UI designer, I was responsible for designing the entire user experience and user interface for this project.


Ashbury Images


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