Solar power e-commerce website

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PowerScout is a new startup with a mission to make clean energy accessible to consumers through an easy e-commerce platform. PowerScout engaged me to do the UX/UI design for a responsive e-commerce website that allows customers to buy a solar energy system in less than five minutes.


Within a three-week time frame, I created over 75 responsive mockups for PowerScout’s new e-commerce platform. Given our tight deadline, I conducted user testing with paper prototypes to gain insights into how users would interact with the site and to identify areas of friction. Based on user feedback, I iterated on the design to optimize the user experience.


In addition to the e-commerce site, I developed an admin panel for PowerScout concierges to effectively view and edit consumer data. I also designed several of their marketing materials such as presentations, brochures, gift cards, award submissions, product simulations, and more.

Carolina developed UX/UI designs for PowerScout for several of its products including the consumer facing e-commerce website and other business-to-business applications. Carolina is very detail oriented and is excellent at making sure nothing falls through the cracks. She is highly efficient in her work and many times; she went beyond the regular call of duty to ensure that the development team received the design assets in time. Also, for complicated UX concepts, Carolina does prototypes which helps the developers and the product team in implementing/refining the concept.

Kumar Dhuvur , Co-Founder & SVP – PowerScout


As the only UX and UI designer, I was responsible for designing the entire user experience and user interface for this project.