YMCA assembly registration portal for schools

Selected Screens

School student roster to select students attending the assembly.
Assembly roles and ability to drag and drop pre-selected students into role fields.
Hotel room assignment. Right side bar with list of registered students to be dragged and dropped into rooms grouped by gender.
Comment screen
Automated invoice

Kentucky YMCA hosts 3-day experiential learning assemblies for students to serve as part of a model state government. To join the assemblies, schools registered their students through complex and confusing PDF forms, which were frustrating for advisors. I was brought on board to develop a registration portal, aimed at streamlining the process and resolving these issues.


I analyzed the registration process, including the PDF forms to understand the advisors’ tasks and pain points. Based on this, I designed a streamlined and intuitive registration portal with three easy steps:


      1. Selection of students and chaperones from a roster list
      2. Assignment of assembly roles for students
      3. Hotel room assignment for students and chaperones


In addition, I created a dashboard for advisors to manage upcoming assemblies, edit current registrations, view past registrations, update student YMCA affiliations, and view invoices.


One of the biggest challenges I faced was ensuring that all school assignment roles were filled with a student. To address this, I created a portal where each role had an empty field and a sidebar with a list of pre-selected students that could be easily dragged and dropped into the role field. I also used this drag-and-drop feature to assign students to hotel rooms and group them by gender.

Shane Heffron, Software Engineer – Echo Technology Solutions

I worked with Carolina for multiple large web and software projects. Carolina not only created stunning UX/UI creative but led clients through an engaged, detailed process which contributed to the business logic needed on the technical end. Carolina's creative was extremely developer friendly and accounted for technical limitations.

Shane Heffron, Software Engineer – ECHO Technology Solutions


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